St Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick was actually Welsh and taken to Ireland as a slave by Pagan Irish pirates. He was from an aristocratic Welsh family and became a missionary after escaping from Ireland.

He later returned to christianize Ireland and banish the “snakes” ie: the pagans!!

The first American St. Patrick’s day was held in Boston in 1737.

The colour of Saint Patrick’s day was originally blue but changed to green in the 17th century.

The four leaves of the clover are said to represent Faith, Hope, Love and Luck.

The odds of finding a four leaf clover are 1 in 10.000

Saint Patrick was never canonized by a Pope so technically is not a saint!

Home of Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick is known all over the world, but he is a legend thanks to the island of Ireland. Although his journey can be followed all over the island, Armagh is the center of celebrations of the life of Saint Patrick, as it is the place where the patron saint founded his first great stone church. Today the city has two cathedrals named after him and of course the Home of St Patrick Festival, a lively week full of culture, music and dance!