Cry for God! Harry! And Saint George!

A welcome holiday for us in Aragón as we celebrate the day of Saint George, we take the chance to explore his story as well as the peculiarly British “No News Day” and the fever of the armchair treasure hunt that gripped the world in the early 1980s. We surprise ourselves with how much of the modern language was born in the roaring 1920s and then polish it all off with a great Spanish brew!

Saint George

We are set to enjoy a holiday this week in honour of the Patron Saint of Aragón, Saint George. Yet this curious figure is also the patron saint of England as well. But his fame does not end there. He is revered across the Christian world and is the patron of numerous countries, trades, locations and much more. London, the Romani, cavalry, the Brazilian football team, Corinthians, field workers and lepers to name but a few.

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No News Day

On April 18th 1930 the BBC made a surprising statement on their news broadcast. Deciding there was no news to report they played a piano concerto instead. We take a look at this surreal moment in history and dig into the archives, was April 18th 1930 really such a slow news day that it deserved the title “No News Day”? Find out more here

Tales from the other side: Masquerade

Spring 1982, two Physics professors stand in an open field, one leans on a shovel as the other points to a statue atop a hill as the sun reaches a specific point in the sky, casting a long shadow that looks like a finger pointing to something. They have followed the instructions the small furry animal gave them, to the letter, they were led to this location, to this buried treasure. This is not an extract from a C.S. Lewis novel, this is the true story of the Masquerade Hare, a fascinating story of art, mystery, deception, love, modern folklore and the spawning of a new genre…the armchair treasure hunt. Read on or listen to this astonishing true story here

Interesting Etymologies: The Jazz Age

Charly Taylor continues his exploration of the world of words as he introduces us to some of the words that come to us from the 1920s, the Jazz age. While there are many words related to music that come from this era, the amount of modern language that is born in this period is quite surprising!

Listen to the pod and read the details here

Brew Review – Basqueland Cream of Strata

The best way to celebrate your improved English skills is to relax, enjoy a good beer and good company. The Bulldogz boys taste test a new release from Basqueland Brewing, a New England IPA made with one of the newest hop strains to be developed, Strata.

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