April turns to May

The British Drink

The British are known the world over for their love of tea, it is true, we Brits are not just famous for drinking Beer or Gin! Tea represents a refined social image but the history of the drink is one that fuelled wars and revolutions. On April 27th 1773, the British Parliament passed the Tea Act which has since been recognised as one of the causes of the American Wars of Independence. Read all about the fascinating history of tea here.

Operation Black Buck

In April 1982 the Argentinian military junta invaded the Falkland Islands leading to an international crisis that saw the United Kingdom launch military action to liberate the islanders. The naval convoy and land invasion is well known but prior to the arrival of the task force an extraordinary story emerged of the longest aeroplane bombing run was launched using life expired cold ar technology. On the night of April 29th a single Vulcan bomber flew the length of the Atlantic ocean supported by a fleet of refuelling planes to attempt to put the island runway out of action. Bulldogz produced an audio docudrama to bring the story of this swashbuckling mission to life. A classic British tale of luck, determination and bravery. Find out more here.

Book Swap Recommendation

Staying in the summer of 1982, legendary travel writer Paul Theroux embarked on a journey around the UK coastline as the Falklands conflict raged on and Prince William was born. Theroux explores the culture and landscape of the UK coastal communities in a well-observed and engagingly written travelogue. Find out more here .

Interesting Etymologies: Hidden Spanish

The latest episode of Interesting Etymologies sees Charly explore words in English that have emerged from Spanish with some unexpected hidden connections as well, including many placenames in America, not just the well known El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles de Porciúncula. Find out more here.

Brew Review : Imperial Stout

Imperial Stout, a specific recipe prepared for the Russian royal family is the beer being sampled this week, from the Samuel Smith Yorkshire Brewery. Find out more here.