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Gain access to our lending library, learn about the history of the word “ok”, discover the amazing tale of Nicholas Alkemade, the man who cheated death and wash it all down with our recommended beer of the week!


Swift has joined forces with Bulldogz to bring the biggest book collection in Zaragoza available for loan.

Book Swap was a monthly gathering to exchange books and talk in English. With the complications of COVID this popular social event has had to move online. The collection of books has been catalogued on the Bulldogz website where you can search by author, title, genre or key word. If you find a book you would like to borrow, fill out the form to request the book and we can arrange a swap. There is even a useful video to show you how to get the book of your dreams in your hands!

Our online collection is always expanding and if you have titles you want to share please contact the Bulldogz team by email : bulldogzaz@gmail.com

Head over to the Bookswap library here

Interesting Etymologies – “O.K”

The study of the history of words and how they develop is a fascinating one. The word OK has a disputed etymology with many different competing claims to the origin of the phrase.

March 23rd 1839 is claimed to be the day “O.K” was first published as an abbreviation of “oll korrect”, a popular slang misspelling of “all correct”. The reference was made in the Boston Morning Post.

Charly Taylor explores some of the origins for the word OK in episode one of Interesting Etymologies, a short regular podcast available on various platforms.

Explore the story more here

A leap of faith: Nicholas Alkemade, the man who cheated death

Nicholas Stephen Alkemade was a tail gunner on a British Royal Air Force Lancaster Bomber in World War II. The average life expectancy of a “Tail End Charlie” was 5 missions, but on the night of the 25th of March 1944 Flight Sergeant Alkemade was preparing to take to the skies in his rear turret for his fourteenth sortie. What he was to experience that fateful night was to earn him the nickname “Indestructible” and put him in the history books.

Find out more about his extraordinary story here

Brew Review : Ruda Pale Ale

Your English is always better after a beer, this Pale Ale is perfect to encourage more free-flowing conversation!

An offering from Valladolid in Spain comes under the spotlight in the latest Brew Review.

Check out the scorecard and watch the tasting review here

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