The Luck of the Irish!

The 17h of March is the ultimate Irish holiday, the celebration of the feast of Saint Patrick.

To get you in the Celtic mood we can bring you a selection of culture, entertainment, mythology, sport and history from the emerald isle.

Need to Know: Saint Patrick

The Bulldogz team provide us with the low down on the man and the celebrations in his name. The extraordinary story of how he was captured by Irish pirates when he was a young British boy. After escaping he returned to Britain and planned his revenge as he vowed to rid Ireland of the pagan curse.

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Feet O’Flames: Irish Dancing

Michael Flatley made Irish dancing world famous in 1994 when he performed his Riverdance routine at the Eurovision song contest during the intermission, and now, Zaragoza has joined the craze with the first Irish dance teacher starting classes in the city. We interview the enthusiastic Megan about her life as an Irish dancer and flight attendant and even offer Bulldogz listeners and viewers a discount for her classes.

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Irish Eyes: Gaelic football

Bulldogz were on hand to capture another Irish first in Zaragoza a few years ago as the city hosted its first ever Gaelic football match. An episode of the “From The Halfway Line” sports podcast covering the match featuring the fledgeling ex-pat Zaragoza Gaelic Football team gives us a chance to sample the pitchside banter and the on field events.

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If you are interested in joining the Zaragoza Gaelic Football team get in touch with their facebook page here.

Irish folklore: fairy craic

It is known the world over that the Irish are great storytellers. Our resident Irish exile, Claire Alcock introduces us to some of the most important mythological and historical tales that are woven into the culture of Ireland. Available as a written article and audio programme Claire gives us succinct and fascinating summaries of the tale of the warrior chieftain Finn McCool, Grace O’Malley the lady ìrate who became a Queen and Saint Colmcille who is recorded as the first man to chastise the Loch Ness sea Monster.

She even has enough time to discuss the Banshee and the Leprechaun and provides us with a wealth of links to explore some more of Ireland’s great storytellers and the Leprechaun Museum!

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Brew Review: The White Hag

The Beer Here series reviews the party offering from Sligo Brewery The White Hag. A green coloured, playful ice cream beer was produced especially to enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day. We taste this party punch and let you know if novelty beer is the future…..

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